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Marriage, Divorce, adoption, Maintenance...
Second marriage without divorce from First wife

created by sinthia 20.11.2012 21:57 • last reply by AdvAshokKumar 23.11.2013 00:44My friend is in love with a married man, and they want to get married and live together.The problem is that her boy fri...
14 posts
what are the Documents required for Court Marriage

created by sinthia 16.02.2012 22:05 • last reply by stevenmour 13.11.2013 09:171) An  Affidavit must be attested by Magistrate/S.D.M. or Notary Public with  Register Entry No.2) Age Proof - either o...
16 posts
Registering same marriage twice

created by skn348 03.01.2014 22:53 • last reply by john11 18.04.2014 13:21Hi people,   I need a small legal advice from you guys. I've married the girl I loved for almost 3 years recent...
8 posts
Second Marriage Without Divorce First Wife.

created by Manzoor 15.04.2014 04:23 • last reply by advsen 15.04.2014 20:58Hello,   I'm a muslim . Im married for the past 10 years and now i want to marry second wife with the permissio...
2 posts
Divorce - us 13(1)(ia) - Life spoiled.

created by ruin_2012 30.03.2014 04:40 • last reply by advsen 11.04.2014 20:04Hello Experts,    I am a newbie to this group, Need your urgent help... I'll  narrate my story in short,
8 posts
Maintenance of kid

created by rashi30dec 16.03.2014 07:05 • last reply by tapsash 19.03.2014 05:15Hi,   My husband left me and my one year old son 5 months back. He don't want to stay with us for the reason kn...
2 posts
legal advice to close a court case

created by peterausger 19.02.2014 12:12 • last reply by advocateselva 15.03.2014 07:48  Dear sir,   In 2012 Feb, I filed a divorce petit...
2 posts
Muslims, Christians can now adopt in India

created by advsmita 23.02.2014 23:32 • last reply by advsmita 23.02.2014 23:32Muslims and Christians, can now adopt children with full rights as natural parents.  Supreme court, acting on a petition by M...
1 posts
Please advice on Divorce

created by ssamuelin 30.01.2014 05:02 • last reply by adityagupta047 19.02.2014 04:04Hello Respected Sirs,   Dear Sir, I applied for divorce on grounds of cruelty on Sep 2012. The opposite party ...
4 posts
Good Lawyer At Bangalore

created by arshadhussain 03.06.2011 04:50 • last reply by Meena 12.02.2014 23:40Hi,     Can anyone please suggest me a good lawyer at Bangalore who is expert in Muslim marriage cases. ...
8 posts
mediation before a divorce

created by advsen 05.02.2014 20:47 • last reply by advsen 05.02.2014 20:47In England, Couples heading to the divorce courts will have to consider mediation before legally separating, under new laws a...
1 posts
I need help for Divorce!!!!!

created by rohitnigamm480 07.12.2013 13:28 • last reply by advsen 05.02.2014 20:39Hi Sir/Ma'm,
2 posts
Case Transfer plea after exparte divorce

created by ssamuelin 31.01.2014 00:10 • last reply by advPeter 31.01.2014 19:48Dear Sir, Please kindly advise if divorce case transfer applied by wife is maintainable after exparte . I filed divorc...
3 posts
want to divorce my husband of 5 years

created by sailingmu 31.12.2013 00:56 • last reply by christopher03 28.01.2014 06:05I want to divorce my husband of 5 years old. We don't get along and he treats me with cruelty.His family members also ...
4 posts
Child Custody and Visitation

created by amrita 28.03.2011 10:32 • last reply by sandip3 15.01.2014 04:58 When physical custody is split, very often the mother is the custodial parent and the father is the noncustodial pare...
2 posts
How to marry in US

created by diyasharma 27.12.2013 00:44 • last reply by ankitalawyer 14.01.2014 21:34Hi ,   I am Diya Sharma .I am a 26 yrs old girl,living in the US since last year. I am a software engineer and ...
5 posts
help need for divorce and property

created by vivek26oct 04.01.2014 11:01 • last reply by advsmita 04.01.2014 21:06
2 posts
How to get details of salary, for Dubai based

created by law_canada 31.12.2013 01:08 • last reply by ankitalawyer 02.01.2014 23:57can Dubai law provide any detail of salary working in Dubai? what is the procedure? some...
2 posts
Share of sisters in Parental property

created by ANATH 27.12.2013 05:50 • last reply by advocatemukesh 27.12.2013 21:58My father died on April,2003, leaving me, my mother, two sisters and my elder brother.My father was adopted son of his ...
2 posts
Fathers name change in Birth Certificate legally

created by Colour 22.12.2013 21:35 • last reply by advocatemukesh 27.12.2013 21:54Hi All,   1. My wife has not given my name to our child in child's birth certificate2. She continue...
2 posts
hi to everyone

created by luckyraj1 17.12.2013 10:38 • last reply by advaruna 19.12.2013 21:37Hi friends,   This is luckyraj... its a very long time back, i visited this forum..... I remember Super cool Ha...
2 posts
If you want Divorce case lawyer?

created by lawyers123 18.12.2013 05:13 • last reply by lawyers123 18.12.2013 05:13My self Ashok gupta a delhi based lawyer. we have group of team that solve every type of issue legally. we are happy t...
1 posts
I need help for Divorce!!!!!

created by rohitnigamm480 07.12.2013 13:29 • last reply by AdvAshokKumar 10.12.2013 23:17Hi Sir/Ma'm,
3 posts
Mutual consent

created by dineshvj92 26.09.2013 12:07 • last reply by Karvai_Legal 10.12.2013 03:13I applied for a divorce in 2006 and the case is now nearing its end. Cross examination is going on. Now the respondent wife i...
5 posts
ex girlfriend threatening me

created by prashanth 17.11.2013 23:12 • last reply by Karvai_Legal 10.12.2013 01:54Hi ,
8 posts
sai baba peace of mind

created by amangupta 09.12.2013 23:26 • last reply by amangupta 09.12.2013 23:26peace of mind is usually achieved by prayers and being close to...
1 posts
Second marriage without divorcing first wife

created by raytohorizon-green 04.12.2013 05:38 • last reply by raytohorizon-green 04.12.2013 05:38 Assalamu Alaykum, Dear Law or Islamic Scholars, I am 30 yea...
1 posts
mutual consent

created by swapna 04.12.2013 04:04 • last reply by swapna 04.12.2013 04:04sir/madam, whether it is possible to obtain divorce without showing desertion of 1 year. whether a newly married coupl...
1 posts
Judgements case dismiss if obtained on fraud

created by Colour 01.12.2013 13:55 • last reply by advaruna 01.12.2013 21:14Hi All, It would be of great help if all members of this forum please help and provide as many judgem...
2 posts
What are the stages in Perjury Case?

created by Colour 01.12.2013 13:52 • last reply by Colour 01.12.2013 13:52Hi All,   1) I filed last week against wife a case u/s 340 read with section 195B of CRPC and section 193, 196,...
1 posts
Wife dodging with maintenance amount

created by ss2506 17.11.2013 00:14 • last reply by ss2506 18.11.2013 11:20My divorce case is progressing for the last 7 1/2 years . I filed the case upon my wife under the grounds of cruelty. She has...
3 posts
still waiting for marriage becasue of this case

created by sadbachelor 22.05.2012 02:51 • last reply by sadbachelor 09.11.2013 12:19hello everybody, dont know if my case is applicable here. but here is the gist of things happened in my life due to wh...
11 posts
SCIENTIST is back .....

created by SCIENTIST 08.11.2013 02:59 • last reply by tapsash 08.11.2013 10:49Dear All,   I am back ...
2 posts
Urgent advice-Wife filed 3 different divorce cases

created by abhinavs 02.11.2013 15:54 • last reply by abhinavs 02.11.2013 15:54Hi,
1 posts
husband is being harassed by wife and her family

created by Rizwan006 28.10.2013 11:00 • last reply by anuverma 30.10.2013 04:54Hi, I am the victim of wife and in laws harassment, iam staying in abroad, i got married in 2013 Feb .it was a arrange marri...
4 posts
Call recordings

created by needhelp2345 22.10.2013 13:01 • last reply by advaruna 23.10.2013 21:18Hi I have a friend (Female) and she is planning to get a divorce bcoz of family violence. But she thinks that her call...
2 posts
Good divorce lawyer In India/Mumbai

created by cool_dude 02.06.2012 01:36 • last reply by Meena 16.10.2013 07:32Hi All,   Can anyone suggest a good divorce lawyer in India/Mumbai   Thanks, Cool dude...
2 posts
Divorce case@FamilyCourt;Wantprevent frm HighCourt

created by sankaraniket 05.10.2013 16:15 • last reply by sankaraniket 12.10.2013 17:58One of my relative is going through Divorce case. Divorce case is filed by my relative.   1. In a divorce case,...
3 posts
Divorce Granted By The Foreign Court is Void

created by advocatemukesh 12.10.2013 06:59 • last reply by advocatemukesh 12.10.2013 06:59Pritam Ashok Sadaphule v. Hima ChughHigh Court has control that a divorce granted by a far off court o...
1 posts
Divorce Lawyer Suggestion: Noida, east delhi only

created by Shalini 08.10.2011 00:48 • last reply by Meena 09.10.2013 07:44Hi friends   I am in dire need of a good divorce lawyer to fight my case.   An east delhi or noid...
3 posts

created by sairam 24.09.2013 02:50 • last reply by kevinsmith 29.09.2013 05:16married in india. got divorce from singapore .is it singapore divorce valid in india.i need judgements for the proof .it is u...
3 posts
What is mental Cruelty in a divorce case

created by Ryan 23.09.2013 23:51 • last reply by tapsash 26.09.2013 05:52What is mental Cruelty in a divorce case, how would the court decide what amounts to mental cruelty in a given case. kindly s...
2 posts
Family law

created by Carly 20.09.2013 01:13 • last reply by Carly 20.09.2013 01:13The law relating to family disputes and obligations has grown dramatically since the 1970s, as legislators and judges have re...
1 posts
divorce related

created by dev11 16.09.2013 08:41 • last reply by advkavari 18.09.2013 06:26Hello experts, got married 8 years back. Have 1 son. He is 6 yrs old and is with me. Wife left 1.6 yrs back and left m...
6 posts
Divorce-Action Flow Chart

created by Spartan2014 18.09.2013 04:37 • last reply by Spartan2014 18.09.2013 04:37Please provide me with
1 posts
wife not coming back and threatening

created by rajece 15.09.2013 13:15 • last reply by advdash 17.09.2013 00:55Hello Sir/Madam - I got married in chennai under hindu act on Apr 2012. I live in usa. I brought my wife here to usa 10 days ...
5 posts
False Case of 498A

created by rewsrkl 30.08.2013 14:22 • last reply by Carly 16.09.2013 06:11Dear Team , Need your guidance against a false 498A case filed against me . I got married in 2005 and my wife was with...
4 posts
Best way of divorcing a cheating wife

created by rootshr01 24.08.2013 02:40 • last reply by Carly 16.09.2013 05:59Hello,   We got married 5.5 years back and have a 4 year old school going kid. Both of us are working professio...
3 posts
Family law

created by Carly 16.09.2013 05:20 • last reply by Carly 16.09.2013 05:20Family law in India is rather unique as it needs to be very specific to the various religions that are practiced here. This ...
1 posts
Discharge Petition in 498a

created by Colour 16.09.2013 04:34 • last reply by Colour 16.09.2013 04:34 Hi All,   498a FIR registered on Jan-2011. Bail granted. Chargeshee...
1 posts
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