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Second marriage without divorce from First wife

created by sinthia 20.11.2012 21:57 • last reply by Sagarsml34 14.03.2015 21:14My friend is in love with a married man, and they want to get married and live together.The problem is that her boy fri...
22 posts
what are the Documents required for Court Marriage

created by sinthia 16.02.2012 22:05 • last reply by edwardcullen 24.11.2014 02:431) An  Affidavit must be attested by Magistrate/S.D.M. or Notary Public with  Register Entry No.2) Age Proof - either o...
18 posts
Regarding Registration of marriage with same perso

created by shankar_29 03.04.2015 04:15 • last reply by shankar_29 03.04.2015 04:15
1 posts
about my daughter's passport

created by dineshh38 12.03.2015 15:22 • last reply by dineshh38 12.03.2015 15:24sir.. i want some advise from you... my wife file case against me & my 80 yrs old mother sec. 498a , 323, 324, 504, 506. ...
2 posts
Query regarding divorce notice to my wife

created by surikiran 12.03.2015 10:13 • last reply by surikiran 12.03.2015 10:13I am S P Kirankumar, I got married in 07-December-2008. We have a lovable kid born on 28-November-2009 hence our first marria...
1 posts
Need help

created by renu_2412 22.02.2015 03:24 • last reply by renu_2412 24.02.2015 10:39I am seeking for help. I got married to a guy in year 2010 but that ti...
2 posts
Can I marry Again?

created by prasad89 30.12.2014 07:53 • last reply by sthcalld 02.01.2015 10:43I was in love with a girl since 4 years. But due to fear of Family, which is against Inter Caste marriage, I had not told the...
2 posts
Interfaith marriage divorce

created by adviseseeker 17.12.2014 15:14 • last reply by adviseseeker 17.12.2014 15:14A hindu girl married to a muslim boy ..Nikaah . How will she go about getting a divorce? Also, who gets custody of their mino...
1 posts
NRI marriage in India

created by zasa3158 03.06.2014 15:16 • last reply by immigrationover 09.12.2014 03:35Hello All,   I am a Canadian Citizen and want to get married in New Delhi, India.  It is going to be Christian ...
8 posts
Need a Counselor for getting Divorce!!!!

created by rohitnigamm480 21.08.2014 14:27 • last reply by edwardcullen 02.12.2014 04:32Hi Sir/Ma'm,   I am a Hindu man and I married a Muslim Girl (Secret Court Marriage) in Feb,2009.  
3 posts

created by rohitnigamm480 21.08.2014 13:26 • last reply by edwardcullen 02.12.2014 04:28Hi Sir/Ma'm,   I am looking for some Counsellor, who would help me in getting Divorce.   Who coul...
4 posts
My girlfriend keeps threatening of suicide

created by varsri 20.09.2014 16:33 • last reply by edwardcullen 01.12.2014 06:03Hi, My name is Vardan and Im working in a MNC. I am basically from UP but am in Bangalore from last 1 year. Last year ...
2 posts
How to legalize Second Marriage

created by anuverma 12.10.2014 05:54 • last reply by edwardcullen 22.11.2014 06:06I got married to a person who was already married. He wanted to get divorced but due to family pressure, he did not ge...
5 posts
Cheque Bounce Issue

created by rajkumar01 20.10.2014 21:40 • last reply by AshishD88 23.10.2014 05:19Hi , I have paid 5 lakhs through RTGS and 1 Lakhs from cash to one of my close friend on loan.  He said he will return...
4 posts
Can widower marry with seperated woman

created by ashishbht 12.10.2014 05:50 • last reply by ashishbht 12.10.2014 05:50My friend is widower and the to be bride is separate from her husband more than two years,  can we go ahead and marry or she ...
1 posts
Return of Stridhan

created by Dasharathy 16.07.2014 16:42 • last reply by jaibansal 09.10.2014 05:41Hello all, I was an active member of this forum, when I filed divorce against my wife, way back in 2007. I made a mistake of a...
2 posts
wife's claim over husband and in laws property

created by Monica 14.09.2014 00:47 • last reply by jaibansal 09.10.2014 05:38My friend has been married for well over 12 years, she has a 6 year old son and a 8 year old daughter. her unemployed husband...
3 posts
498A - half the battle won.

created by sgmysore 22.09.2014 08:19 • last reply by jaibansal 09.10.2014 05:35Hi Dear all, I am fighting DV, 498A and even Sec. 138 (Cheque dishonour) from almost past 6 years. Regarading th...
2 posts
Public records for Property

created by azbb 01.09.2014 13:22 • last reply by Philip1234 03.09.2014 19:30Hi,   Are there any websites where one can find the public records (Buy/Sale/Registration information) for prop...
2 posts
husband is being harassed by wife and her family

created by Rizwan006 28.10.2013 11:00 • last reply by ameerk 02.09.2014 04:44Hi, I am the victim of wife and in laws harassment, iam staying in abroad, i got married in 2013 Feb .it was a arrange marri...
5 posts
Maintenance for wronged woman

created by beemani 12.08.2014 11:45 • last reply by Philip1234 28.08.2014 19:37My cousin been having an affair with a married man for 8 years. Initially she did not know he was married. After she came to...
4 posts
maintenance for son

created by DINISAUR 15.08.2014 05:43 • last reply by advocatemukesh 20.08.2014 21:53If any woman is living an adulterous life or have an extramarital affair. she decided to leave her husband after getti...
3 posts
transfer property

created by DINISAUR 15.08.2014 05:30 • last reply by DINISAUR 15.08.2014 05:30my uncle has purchase a land for making home under his wife name. due to an accident we lost aunty. she died without making w...
1 posts
Maintenance of kid

created by rashi30dec 16.03.2014 07:05 • last reply by Philip1234 06.08.2014 08:16Hi,   My husband left me and my one year old son 5 months back. He don't want to stay with us for the reason kn...
4 posts
I need help for Divorce!!!!!

created by rohitnigamm480 07.12.2013 13:28 • last reply by Philip1234 29.07.2014 21:29Hi Sir/Ma'm,
3 posts
Good Lawyer At Bangalore

created by arshadhussain 03.06.2011 04:50 • last reply by Philip1234 29.07.2014 21:27Hi,     Can anyone please suggest me a good lawyer at Bangalore who is expert in Muslim marriage cases. ...
9 posts
Maintenance - Non working wife.

created by spoil 18.05.2014 01:11 • last reply by Philip1234 24.07.2014 00:58Hello All,   Want to know how amount is decided? How much i need to pay out. I've filed a petition again...
12 posts
legal advice to close a court case

created by peterausger 19.02.2014 12:12 • last reply by Philip1234 17.07.2014 14:07  Dear sir,   In 2012 Feb, I filed a divorce petit...
4 posts
Can someone else than the husband be the father

created by sudhir 15.07.2014 15:39 • last reply by jaibansal 16.07.2014 04:14Dear sir/madam,   I am having a serious problem. me and my wife was having a healthy family life . we had a gir...
2 posts
What is RCR - HMA

created by spoil 23.05.2014 23:03 • last reply by jaibansal 12.07.2014 04:31What is RCR ?   I filed divorce petition on cruelty  grounds from my wife. She is willing to come back. She lef...
5 posts
439(1)b - Bail condition modification

created by Colour 13.06.2014 07:56 • last reply by jaibansal 12.07.2014 04:27Hi All,   498a FIR (498(a), 323, 504, 506(2), 114)
3 posts

created by ANATH 05.07.2014 15:03 • last reply by jaibansal 12.07.2014 04:15My father died on April,2003, leaving me, my mother, two sisters and my elder brother.My father was adopted son of his ...
3 posts
Divorce - us 13(1)(ia) - Life spoiled.

created by ruin_2012 30.03.2014 04:40 • last reply by gayatri 30.06.2014 22:04Hello Experts,    I am a newbie to this group, Need your urgent help... I'll  narrate my story in short,
32 posts
Changing fathers name to mothers name

created by knowledgeseeker 30.05.2014 00:39 • last reply by advPeter 31.05.2014 11:25Dear All,   Please help me with my concern,   My mother is a Hindu but married my dad who is from...
2 posts
Second marriage without divorce?

created by techiz1 07.02.2012 16:12 • last reply by ashleydomz 28.05.2014 07:02Hello Gurus,   I'm in a tricky situation. Due to some family issues, I'm looking for a second marriage. I work ...
9 posts
Process to access information on father property

created by revathi 03.05.2014 06:33 • last reply by advsen 06.05.2014 22:53As a daughter I do not have information on my deceased father property to claim for my share and m...
2 posts
Registering same marriage twice

created by skn348 03.01.2014 22:53 • last reply by advsen 21.04.2014 22:22Hi people,   I need a small legal advice from you guys. I've married the girl I loved for almost 3 years recent...
9 posts
Second Marriage Without Divorce First Wife.

created by Manzoor 15.04.2014 04:23 • last reply by advsen 15.04.2014 20:58Hello,   I'm a muslim . Im married for the past 10 years and now i want to marry second wife with the permissio...
2 posts
Muslims, Christians can now adopt in India

created by advsmita 23.02.2014 23:32 • last reply by advsmita 23.02.2014 23:32Muslims and Christians, can now adopt children with full rights as natural parents.  Supreme court, acting on a petition by M...
1 posts
Please advice on Divorce

created by ssamuelin 30.01.2014 05:02 • last reply by adityagupta047 19.02.2014 04:04Hello Respected Sirs,   Dear Sir, I applied for divorce on grounds of cruelty on Sep 2012. The opposite party ...
4 posts
mediation before a divorce

created by advsen 05.02.2014 20:47 • last reply by advsen 05.02.2014 20:47In England, Couples heading to the divorce courts will have to consider mediation before legally separating, under new laws a...
1 posts
Case Transfer plea after exparte divorce

created by ssamuelin 31.01.2014 00:10 • last reply by advPeter 31.01.2014 19:48Dear Sir, Please kindly advise if divorce case transfer applied by wife is maintainable after exparte . I filed divorc...
3 posts
want to divorce my husband of 5 years

created by sailingmu 31.12.2013 00:56 • last reply by christopher03 28.01.2014 06:05I want to divorce my husband of 5 years old. We don't get along and he treats me with cruelty.His family members also ...
4 posts
Child Custody and Visitation

created by amrita 28.03.2011 10:32 • last reply by sandip3 15.01.2014 04:58 When physical custody is split, very often the mother is the custodial parent and the father is the noncustodial pare...
2 posts
How to marry in US

created by diyasharma 27.12.2013 00:44 • last reply by ankitalawyer 14.01.2014 21:34Hi ,   I am Diya Sharma .I am a 26 yrs old girl,living in the US since last year. I am a software engineer and ...
5 posts
help need for divorce and property

created by vivek26oct 04.01.2014 11:01 • last reply by advsmita 04.01.2014 21:06
2 posts
How to get details of salary, for Dubai based

created by law_canada 31.12.2013 01:08 • last reply by ankitalawyer 02.01.2014 23:57can Dubai law provide any detail of salary working in Dubai? what is the procedure? some...
2 posts
Share of sisters in Parental property

created by ANATH 27.12.2013 05:50 • last reply by advocatemukesh 27.12.2013 21:58My father died on April,2003, leaving me, my mother, two sisters and my elder brother.My father was adopted son of his ...
2 posts
Fathers name change in Birth Certificate legally

created by Colour 22.12.2013 21:35 • last reply by advocatemukesh 27.12.2013 21:54Hi All,   1. My wife has not given my name to our child in child's birth certificate2. She continue...
2 posts
hi to everyone

created by luckyraj1 17.12.2013 10:38 • last reply by advaruna 19.12.2013 21:37Hi friends,   This is luckyraj... its a very long time back, i visited this forum..... I remember Super cool Ha...
2 posts
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