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Due date for filing Service Tax Return?

created by Ritu1 07.11.2014 01:38 • last reply by Ritu1 07.11.2014 01:38 Extension of Due date for filing Service ...
1 posts
Penalty for failure to eFile commercial tax return

created by Ritu1 30.10.2014 05:31 • last reply by Ritu1 30.10.2014 05:31 The failure to e-file commercial tax retu...
1 posts
It is not too late to file income tax returns yet?

created by Ritu1 28.10.2014 05:23 • last reply by Ritu1 28.10.2014 05:23 Missed the deadline to file income tax r...
1 posts
Tips on Income Taxes and e-Filing 2013

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 03:55 • last reply by Philip1234 24.07.2014 00:45# As an Individual you are required by law to file your Income Tax Returns, if your total income without allowing deductions ...
3 posts
Is Movable gift from relative taxable

created by suborna 12.03.2014 05:06 • last reply by Rohit4329 26.03.2014 05:37I want to gift my mother Rs 50,000/- only, she is a housewife and files her IT return regularly. Should I make a gift deed fr...
3 posts
Service agreement breach recovery

created by karthik29nov 16.09.2013 12:22 • last reply by ankitalawyer 16.09.2013 21:38I paid Rs 50000 to my previous employer for service agreement breach recovery. My previous employer states that it is a penal...
2 posts
Section 80GGC of Income Tax Act

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:06 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:06Any monetary contribution to any political party or electoral trust is eligible for tax exemption. Thus, your contribution, a...
1 posts
Section 80D of Income Tax Act

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:06 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:06Tax deduction section 80D qualifies for mediclaim policies. The premium, which is paid for medical insurance policy for self ...
1 posts
Section 80E of Income Tax Act

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:04 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:04The interest paid on loan taken for pursuing higher education of self or any dependant is exempted from tax under section 80E...
1 posts
Section 80DDB of Income Tax Act

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:03 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:03If you have incurred expenses for the medical treatment of self or your ‘dependents’, you can   claim a deducti...
1 posts
Section 80DD of Income Tax Act

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:03 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:03According to the Income Tax Act, if you are paying a premium to Life Insurance Company (LIC) or   any other ins...
1 posts
Section 80GG of Income Tax Act

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:02 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:02  If a salaried or self employed person staying in a rented house does not receive any kind of   HRA, th...
1 posts
Section 80G of Income Tax Act

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:02 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:02One often donates a certain amount on philanthropic grounds to help the destitute. Such an amount can be donated to trusts, c...
1 posts
Section 80CCG of Income Tax Act

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:01 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:01The Finance Act 2012 introduced a new Section 80CCG to offer 50% tax break to new investors who invest up to Rs 50000 and who...
1 posts
Section 80U of Income Tax Act

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:00 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 04:00A resident of India suffering from any kind of specified disability is eligible to claim tax deduction under this section. In...
1 posts
a look into Section 80D of the Tax act

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 03:57 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 03:57Tax deduction section 80D qualifies for mediclaim policies. The premium, which is paid for medical insurance policy for self ...
1 posts
List of Tax savings ideas other than Section 80C

created by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 03:56 • last reply by huashenghuakai 06.08.2013 03:56E-Filing is compulsory for people earning more than Rs. 5Lakhs. This refers to the total income amount after claiming tax ded...
1 posts
Do I need to pay service tax on Flat purchase

created by anuverma 25.07.2013 21:59 • last reply by advocatemukesh 25.07.2013 22:06I have booked a flat in a Multi storied residential complex under construction in Andheri, I have been paying the Instalments...
2 posts
What are the tax related issues

created by johnbritto 20.08.2012 01:05 • last reply by pansydawson 11.04.2013 00:31If you fail to file your tax, then Internal Revenue Service will file Substitute of return for you. In that they will added a...
5 posts
e-filling of income tax

created by kdksoftware 24.08.2011 03:31 • last reply by arunsharma 21.03.2013 06:13The process of income tax ...
5 posts
Home Loan and Amount received from other sources

created by vaibhavr 13.02.2013 05:02 • last reply by advsen 17.02.2013 09:44Hi,   Recently, I purchased flat. Total cost is Rs33 lacs. The loan approved by my bank is 19 lacs. I borrowed ...
5 posts
is it mandatory to have Rent Agreement Notarized

created by pratham_vishnu 04.02.2013 05:17 • last reply by advsen 05.02.2013 21:04Hi All,   Is it mandatory to have Rent Agreement Notarized/Registered for submitting I...
4 posts
Client shows tds paid for me bu t never paid me

created by sunandoghosh 30.01.2013 06:39 • last reply by sunandoghosh 30.01.2013 06:39Hi Friends, I have recently come across a situation and need your advice. I work as independent consultant ...
1 posts
Regarding the mismatch of returns fileld in Exceel

created by udaynukr 28.11.2012 06:04 • last reply by udaynukr 28.11.2012 06:04Hi,   Recently i have submitted my tax returns online and i have received notices from IT dept with due amount ...
1 posts
Taxpayer Refund by Electronic Clearance System

created by Bernadine 25.11.2012 08:45 • last reply by Bernadine 25.11.2012 08:48 1. Same as check refund regarding account no. 2. There should not be any alpha or special character in the acc...
3 posts
Procedure for Taxpayer Refund by check

created by Bernadine 25.11.2012 08:41 • last reply by Bernadine 25.11.2012 08:41 1. PAN should be Valid 2. Account Name should have at least 2 alpha - characters. 3. Account Number cha...
0 posts
Procedure for Taxpayer Refund by check

created by Bernadine 25.11.2012 08:41 • last reply by Bernadine 25.11.2012 08:41
1 posts
North Carolina offensive.

created by qqqq313 27.09.2012 03:08 • last reply by qqqq313 27.09.2012 03:08 Eastern Kentucky's new ...
1 posts
Freelancer- Tax paid in Canada

created by sraviihere 24.09.2012 15:40 • last reply by sraviihere 24.09.2012 15:40HI All, I am a freelancer and working for Canadaian client from India. The income I am earning in this way is after ta...
1 posts
Income tax Clearance Certificates

created by kdksoftware 10.05.2012 07:47 • last reply by arunt 20.09.2012 01:11 A person leaving In...
3 posts
Income Tax Law applicable for earnings in UAE

created by iamloggedin 25.09.2011 01:17 • last reply by arunt 10.09.2012 02:40Hi, I am employed full time in UAE and there is no income tax concept here. What ever is my CTC / 12 is my take home. ...
4 posts
Tax liabilities for a freelancer / consultant

created by SriSri 12.03.2012 23:23 • last reply by lexval012 07.09.2012 07:05 In the financial year 2011-12, I've been a freelance c...
2 posts
TDS Deducted Time barred?

created by umeshkhanna 02.09.2012 17:56 • last reply by umeshkhanna 02.09.2012 17:56 Respected Sirs...
1 posts
Tax Attorney

created by johnbritto 06.08.2012 06:48 • last reply by johnbritto 06.08.2012 06:48Some important considerations for you when hiring a tax attorney are summarized. • Must be a member of the state Bar
1 posts
Tax Resolution Firm

created by johnbritto 06.08.2012 06:44 • last reply by johnbritto 06.08.2012 06:44Tax Resolution firms helps you to get relief from tax debts. They are committed to help you in your difficulties. Be very car...
1 posts
Income Tax From South Africa

created by vikas_sharma 04.05.2012 09:17 • last reply by vikas_sharma 04.05.2012 09:17 Hi,   I was working in South Africa from May 2011 to March 2012 with a local employer there. My tax was...
1 posts
tax deduction on renovating a rented flat

created by avanthi 28.03.2012 02:04 • last reply by advsmita 28.03.2012 02:16I  renovated my Rented flat can i claimed deduction for the said expenses incurred as revenue expenditure? is it possible...
2 posts
Legal Help Regarding Trust (Urgent) !!!

created by aditya08 23.02.2012 22:01 • last reply by tapsash 23.02.2012 23:16 Dear All,   We are a group of p...
3 posts
Who should File Return?

created by rupa 14.02.2012 08:30 • last reply by rupa 14.02.2012 08:30Following persons are required to file return of their income, duly filled in completely and correctly: 1) Indiv...
1 posts
Query on Income Tax Return Filing

created by sasi2212 28.12.2011 07:21 • last reply by kdksoftware 19.01.2012 06:19 Hi   I am a salaried employee and I have been paying tax in the form of TDS since FY 2007-08 (A...
2 posts
Query regarding Global Tax

created by rahul20_6 24.11.2011 05:09 • last reply by advagrawal 13.01.2012 04:06Hi, I have a query regarding Global Tax. I am in Japan from March 2010 on deputation. I am coming bac...
4 posts
Eligibilty of It returns

created by sandeepkumar0307 03.01.2012 03:45 • last reply by sandeepkumar0307 03.01.2012 03:45HI   My question is , i was working with a firm from the last 6 months, as they deducted the pf and income tax ...
1 posts
e-Filing Service Tax return

created by kdksoftware 22.11.2011 05:47 • last reply by kdksoftware 22.11.2011 05:47
1 posts
Need tax advice on income earned in US

created by Amit 01.07.2011 23:35 • last reply by employement 18.11.2011 00:41Hi All,   I am working as a market research professional in India and earned some reward over Internet for kind...
5 posts
Advantages of XBRL Reporting

created by kdksoftware 09.11.2011 06:43 • last reply by kdksoftware 09.11.2011 06:43 XBRL Filing...
1 posts
Does relinquishment of assest/rights attract capi

created by jack 21.10.2011 09:43 • last reply by hardikm 24.10.2011 16:29 
2 posts
TDS Applicable OR Not?

created by kdksoftware 03.10.2011 08:33 • last reply by kdksoftware 03.10.2011 08:33hi if we purchase a software whether it will fall in tds criteria and whether there is a need to deduct tds or not ? if yes ...
1 posts
Filing of financial statements in XBRL mode

created by kdksoftware 20.09.2011 03:36 • last reply by kdksoftware 20.09.2011 03:36XBRL is a language for the electro...
1 posts
Income earned through UK based employer

created by smsaurabhmehta 18.09.2011 04:51 • last reply by smsaurabhmehta 18.09.2011 04:51 Hi, I have some queries around the ...
1 posts
Law book for public

created by sims 16.09.2011 21:26 • last reply by sims 16.09.2011 21:26
1 posts
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