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Second marriage without divorce?
Quote07.02.2012 16:120 people like thisLike

Hello Gurus,


I'm in a tricky situation. Due to some family issues, I'm looking for a second marriage. I work as doctor at a government hospital. I mean as a government servant. My wife and I came to a decision to that I could go for a second marriage. I haven't see any girl yet and I'm afraid to do so until I get proper legal advise. Since I work at small town, I'm know by all of my town people, so am afraid to talk about this is any lawyer  in my town. So I'm seek this forums help. Once I gather enough information, I might work with a lawyer outside of my town.


My question is...

Since I work as a government (government of Karnataka), is there way to get marry another women with out divorcing my present wife? Of course I have a full and whole hearted consent from my present wife. I took this decision to take care of my present wife as well. What are the legal complications involved in doing so? Is this allowed in Indian law?


Please help me understand any legal issues in plain and simple language. Oh...I forgot...I'm an hindu


Thanks in Advance.

Quote07.02.2012 21:120 people like thisLike

Doctor saab no ways, there is no such provision in law,Who knows anyone of your lady might backfire you so be carefull, Go for next only if first is settled completly or else you are in a big soup.

Quote08.02.2012 12:500 people like thisLike

thanks Pakya...I was just exploring the possibilities.

Quote10.02.2012 13:350 people like thisLike

Actually why can you not get married again? Lucky you!! For having got consent from your wife.

1. How many people have ou heard of being penalised for adultry, polygamy or multigamy? Hardly any, in my this lifetime!

Well the 2nd marriage could be considered illegal where in your 2nd wife may not have any legal rights on your properties, but a 'will' can solve it

2. Who can file adultry? The only possibility could be your 1st wife when you have her consent (take it in written) you are covered.

Worst case situation you could creat a affidavit stating you ave converted into Bollywoods Dharamsaab, and many others...and enjoy your 2 wives and their fights and in between generate competition between them in your benifit!!!

Quote10.02.2012 22:520 people like thisLike

Hindu Law do not permit a second marriage, while your 1st wife is living with you. To take a second wife, you must divorce your first wife. Permission of your 1st wife to enter a 2nd marriage is immaterial. Importantly, even if you marry a woman during the subsistence of your 1st marriage the second wife will not have the status of a legal wife, but will get a status as a mistress. Further laws in India are too strong and mostly in favour of woman. So any complication in you married life may ruin your peace of mind and life. Laws governing to marriage are all personal laws, so unless your existing wife and her direct relatives do not take any action against you , you are safe. Same is the case in case you go for a second wife. So please protect your interests first and then dare to take any such decisions.

Vandana Vaidya Advocate/Patent Attorney
Quote13.02.2012 12:370 people like thisLike

thank you counsellor. I appreciate your advise. Now, I'll go contact a good lawyer and see how it goes. Thanks again

Quote14.02.2012 01:470 people like thisLike

you have to divorce your first wife to marry a second time under Hindu marriage act. you might lose your job if u go ahead with this stupidity

Adv.Smita - "Absoluta sententia expositore non indiget"
Quote16.02.2012 04:480 people like thisLike

Really the reason why are you able to not really obtain hitched once again? Fortunate a person!! With regard to getting obtained permission out of your spouse.

1. The number of individuals possess ou heard about becoming penalised with regard to adultry, polygamy or even multigamy? Extremely little, during my this particular life time!

Nicely the next relationship might be regarded as unlawful exactly where inside your second spouse might have no rights in your qualities, however the 'will' may resolve this

two. Who are able to document adultry? The only real likelihood might be your own first spouse if you have the woman's permission (go within created) you're protected.

Most detrimental situation scenario you can creat the affidavit saying a person ave changed into Islam.... such as Bollywoods Dharamsaab, and many more... and revel in your own two spouses as well as their own battles as well as between produce competitors in between all of them inside your benifit!!!elizabeth nj workers compensation lawyer.

elizabeth nj workers compensation lawyer
Quote28.05.2014 07:020 people like thisLike

Hi Doc,
You cannot go for second marriage without divorce.
Marrying another person without divorcing is a violation of rules and will be punished for committing a crime. - Second Marriage / Late Marriage Matrimony website.

Delhi Lawyer

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