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What are the penalities for drunk driving accident
Quote12.07.2013 02:270 people like thisLike

Hi everyone.. I just want to know that what are all the penalties and punishments received by the drivers who consume alcohol or drug and create accidents??






omaha dui | omaha dui attorney

Quote12.07.2013 06:190 people like thisLike

Drunken driving and causing hurt could lead to a Jail sentence including cancellation of Driving license.
If in the event of accidental death cause due to drunken driving, one may face Culpable Homicide Not amounting to murder.

Plz check the The Motor Vehicles Act, 1939, for complete list of punishment etc

Adv.Smita - "Absoluta sententia expositore non indiget"
Quote13.07.2013 00:060 people like thisLike

Thank you for the reply.. If it's first time caught for DUI charges and cancellation of driving license happens is there any way to claim the license back or there is any other procedures other than going to driving school for getting the license back??



omaha dui | omaha dui attorney

Quote13.07.2013 21:110 people like thisLike

you can get it back after giving a written statement that u will not repeat the same ever

Quote15.07.2013 04:010 people like thisLike

But many cases I've heard says that they need to go to driving school and get lessons for claiming their license.. Is that so??






omaha dui | omaha dui attorney

Quote02.10.2013 04:370 people like thisLike

What country are you pertaining to? Every country or state have a different law regarding DUI or driving under influence, there are some countries that have a very strict law regarding DUI. Usually the penalty depends on what particular type of DUI you have been arrested with.


Drunk driving defense law practice

Quote04.10.2013 02:200 people like thisLike

if the person is died .. whether due to drinking or negligence of doctor take help from lawyer..Today lot of people are losing their life due to road accidents and 50 percent women suffer domestic violence so it is important to work hard on law and medical services for helping injured.medico legal

Quote15.11.2013 21:570 people like thisLike

A drunk drive might get prison punishment or some challan but everything depends on situation






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