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is it mandatory to have Rent Agreement Notarized
Quote04.02.2013 05:170 people like thisLike

Hi All,


Is it mandatory to have Rent Agreement Notarized/Registered for submitting Investment proof for Fin year 2012-2013?


I have 11 months Rent agreement done in Pune for amount of Rs. 500 stamp paper and my rent paid is above 10k.


My employer is denying rent agreement and corresponding rent receipts as an investment proof saying that he needs a Notarized rent agreement.


My question is : Is it right on my employers part to deny rent agreement on the basis that it in not notarized ? How can i avoid this.


Please if possible, let me know where in Income tax document it is mentioned that Notarized rent agreement is mandatory.





Quote04.02.2013 07:080 people like thisLike

Notarized is not mandatory provision of an Agreement, but some  State in India there are provision that a Rent Agreement have to be registered or notarized,follow according to their discretion.----------------------M.Bhadra,advocate,phone:9836589246

Quote04.02.2013 23:220 people like thisLike

Thanks Mr Bhadra for the response. Do you know whats the rule in Maharashtra ?

Quote05.02.2013 21:040 people like thisLike

In maharashtra Notarized rent agreement is mandatory, for a 11 month rent agreement, and those more than 12 months should be Registered Rent agreement

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