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Law Articles

law Analysis of Limited Liability Partnership Act: There are different forms of business organization prevalent in India and the world with ownership, control, liability membership, and capital distinguishing them... ...By Manali Singhal-  Posted: 2010/12/24

law Angioplasty of Separation of Powers: The article is about Judicial Activism and how it is taking up the separation of power in order to make society worth living......By Sandeep Kumar Passi-  Posted: 2010/12/24

law Marital Rape versus Conjugal Right: The spousal rape or marital rape is the most common version of rape which never attracted much attention. There is a serious controversy over the matter whether ....By Jewel Chanda-  Posted: 2010/12/24

law Professional Ethics: It means a code of rules which regulates the behaviour and conduct of a practicing lawyer towards himself, his client, his opposite party, his counsel and of course towards the court......By anupom chakraborty-  Posted: 2010/12/24

law Judicial Process in India: critique of judicial process in India, demerits of adversarial system of justice delivery, reforms in court system, inquisitorial mode of justice delivery, corruption in judiciary...By Sabaha Khan-  Posted: 2010/12/24

law Understanding the Concept of Corporate Governance in the Light of Companies Bill 2009: My article basically highlights the Bill which replaces the 1956 Act and consolidates a number of its provisions....By Sabaha Khan-  Posted: 2010/12/24

law Leading Questions: The entire corpus juris (body of laws) is broadly classified into 2 categories, i) substantive laws, and ii) adjective laws. Substantive laws are those, which define the rights, duties and liabilities......By prachi shah-  Posted: 2010/12/21

law Protective Discrimination & Tribal Welfare: The word reservation has attained a particular legal significance in matters relating to public employment. The concept is founded on separating individuals...By Rahul ShrivastavaPosted: 2010/12/21

law Different Perspectives On Justice: This article describes the very essence of law that is 'justice' as perceived by John Rawls in his time-turning 'A theory of Justice'...By Rahul Shrivastava-  Posted: 2010/12/21

law Fundamental liability theory: Law is any rule of human conduct accepted by the society and enforced by the state for the betterment of human life........By Animesh-  Posted: 2010/12/9

law Power of Arbitrator to Delegate his Duties: The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 does not make any special reference as to the power of arbitrator to delegate........By Odyssey Bordoloi-  Posted: 2010/12/9

law Women Society’s Honour Really Under Threat in India: The article relates to Honour Killing, which is spreading its wing like a disease. although we have enough law but how it can be tackled according to........By Sandeep Kumar Passi-  Posted: 2010/12/9

law Development & Human Right to Food: This is an article directing for foundation of a balance between economic development of the country and the basic human right to food of its citizens......By Rahul Shrivastava Posted: 2010/12/9

law Role of Individual & Sustainable Development: Individuals are now the only hopes to save the environment and maintain the sustain deployment and make the earth best place for future generation...........By Rajrupa sinha roy-  Posted: 2010/12/9

law Conservation of Natural Resources: The forest closed behind and then it got all globular and we could soil it round. It was ours to keep, we burrowed deep to see what could be found.....By Vijay N Hiremath-  Posted: 2010/12/9

law Rawls V. Ors: This article deals with the concept of justice as explained simultaneously by various philosophers/thinkers.. ........By Rahul Shrivastava Posted: 2010/12/9

law Trespass: This article is about Trespass to Person, Trespass to Chattels, Trespass to Land and it also deals with their defenses...........By Ripudaman Singh Tanwar-  Posted: 2010/12/9

law Protecting Economic Rights of Hindu Women: At the outset, it must be pointed out that the existing laws of maintenance are disparate, chaotic and scattered. Maintenance law in India relating to Hindu female...........By shiva satish -  Posted: 2010/12/9

law Right To Information: The Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI) is a law enacted by the Parliament of India "to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens...........By Rahul Shrivastava -  Posted: 2010/12/9

law Madness & Civilization: Madness and Civilization is a deep and complex treatment of the role of madness in Western society. It begins by describing end of leprosy in Europe........By Rahul Shrivastava-  Posted: 2010/11/24

law Coparcenary Rights of Major Unmarried Hindu Daughters: In the light of judgment in the matter of: B.Chandrashekhar Reddy V. State of Andhra Pradesh AIR 2003 SC 2322.........By Rahul Shrivastava -  Posted: 2010/11/23

law Offences & Penalties under the IT Act, 2000: he introduction of the internet has brought the tremendous changes in our lives. People of all fields are increasingly using the computers to create... .....By Pradnya Pahurkar -  Posted: 2010/11/22

law socio economic survey of the Project Affected Families of Kakinada SEZ Private Limited: Kakinada Special Economic Zone Private Limited (KSEZ), having been endowed with an objective of setting up of industrial establishments contributing for the development of the area.....By Mohan Rao-  Posted: 2010/11/21

law special Economic Zones Act, 2005: The SEZs. are given several relaxations of customs and other duties including anti dumping duty. These are more liberal regimes in respect of other levies.....By Mohan Rao-  Posted: 2010/11/21

law Offences & Penalties under the IT Act, 2000: he introduction of the internet has brought the tremendous changes in our lives. People of all fields are increasingly using the computers to create,.....By Pradnya Pahurkar-  Posted: 2010/11/21

law Money Laundering: is a global problem that not only threatens security, but also compromises the stability, transparency and efficiency of financial systems.....By Samridha Neupane-  Posted: 2010/11/21

law R. Rajagopal alias R.R. Gopal & Another Vs. State of Tamil Nadu: In the present case the author examines the proposition which is raised is concerning the freedom of press country. .....By kumar sumit-  Posted: 2010/11/21

law Contract Ratification: Ratification is in law equivalent to previous authority it may be expressed or it may be affected impliedly by conduct.[1] Section 196 and 197 .....By Abhinav Kumar-  Posted: 2010/11/21

law Arbitral Award Its Challenge & Enforcement: In this article the author has tried to cover a very effective, important and developing area of dispute settlement by means of arbitration. Though, it is true that .....By -kumar sumit -  Posted: 2010/11/21

law Superior of the superiors: It actually discusses the cause of the crimes that occurs and its solution, with a human right perspective.......By Pradnya Pahurkar -  Posted: 2010/11/21

law Evidence produced by Child Witness and the need for Reforms: Capability of a witness is the condition precedent to the administration of oath or affirmation, and is a question distinct from that .....By Parul Singh -  Posted: 2010/11/11

law Intellectual properties rights: Intellectual property rights are a bundle of exclusive rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial. The former is covered by copyright laws.....By Shuchi pandey  -  Posted: 2010/11/11

law Which employees do not fall under the ambit of Industrial Dispute Act, 1947: Experience of the working of the 1929 Act revealed various defects which needed to be overcome by a fresh .....By Shuchi pandey -  Posted: 2010/11/11

law Demerger under Company Law: Companies often reorganize and restructure their operations to carry out various business activities in more focused manner........By Samridha Neupane -  Posted: 2010/11/11

law  Stipend: It is an appeal to very advocates who possess and retain juniors to pay them stipend.....By Pankaj Kr. Dua -  Posted: 2010/11/11

law Copyright Societies: Copyright Society is a legal body which protects or safeguards the interest of owners of the work in which copyright subsist.....By Prof Pradnya Pahurkar -  Posted: 2010/11/11

law Domestic Violence as a Human Rights Issue: Freedom not only from violence but also from the threat of violence is the first indicator of rise in women's capacity for survival and empowerment. Violence against......By Sanmit Seth -  Posted: 2010/11/10

law Vodafone vs. Union of India: The last decade has viewed the tremendous growth in the Mergers and Acquisitions and it also witnessed the growth....By shuchi pandey -  Posted: 2010/11/10

law Adultery in India: law of adultery and the discrimination under it in light of the now legalized concept of homosexuality and proposes a modified definition of the law of adultery....By Nidhi Khare -  Posted: 2010/11/10

law Suit For Damages: this article discusses damages as a remedy to the breach of contract. it includes everything right from what are damages?, types of damages to the measure of damages....By Varsha G Subramanian -  Posted: 2010/11/10

law Anti-terrorism Laws: The article discusses the major anti-terrorism legislations enacted in India and is an attempt to distinguish the myth and reality behind these legislations.....By nalin nair -  Posted: 2010/11/10

law Indian Corporate Law: In this paper, the author will be dealing with three topics, which though seemingly distinct, are in certain ways mutually related and having significant effects on the evolution.....By Rajgopal Saikumar -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Mesne Profit: The law of nature gives the primary right to compensation against the breach of legal right. Likewise, wrongful interference with the immovable property of another.....By Nikunj Kanara -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Incorporation of Company: how company can be incorporated in India and what are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporation. And it also tells about the effects of Pre-incorporation....By Ripudaman Singh Tanwar -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Partners under Limited liability partnership Act 2008: The concept of limited liability partnership had evolved in the aftermath of the collapse of real estate and energy prices....By Manoranjan Ayilyath -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Should India have a Uniform Civil Code?: The issue of Uniform Civil Code has been debated since the time of Indian independence. This article deals with whether there is a need for India to have....By Raya Hazarika -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Justice delayed is justice denied: The judiciary of our country is regarded as the best and independent by the western press. Its path-breaking judgments and fearlessness are appreciates by one and all......By Aniket Pandey -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Enforcement Of Competition Law In India: A Comparative Analysis With U.K & EU: India has some unique features including a mixed economy, where private sector participation has been allowed in some.....By rini mitra -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Juvenile Justice: The article looks at the issue of age determination in the context of juvenile justice and if the same is prone to misuse. The paper takes a hard look at the law-literally- and adopts.....By Naman Gupta -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Copy right : Seductive mirage: Copy Right in real sense is not a property, because it conflicts with some people's traditional sense of what property is. They live in the physical world.....By Ayusman Mahanta  -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Environmental Tort from Indian Perspective: Post 9o’s there is a tremendous and rapid growth witnessed by our country. In order to stimulate and sustain the growth wagon of the country, the government has in.....By Ayusman Mahanta  -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Anti-terrorism laws in India: The bomb blasts & terrorist attack in many cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Banglore and attack on Mumbai on 2611.....By Bhupendra Acharya -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Can Human Rights be Universal & Have Respect for Cultural Relativism?:  how the Human Rights are universal and upto which possible extent and also describe about two opposite view on UDHR.....By Bhupendra Acharya -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Indemnity in a contract: this article deals with meaning and enforcement of indemnity in a contract. it also seeks to compare the remedies on breach of contract of indemnity and remedies under .....By shuchi pandey -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Privity of contract & third party beneficiary in a contract: Legal doctrine that a contract confers rights and imposes liabilities only on its contracting parties. They and not any third-party, can sue each other....By shuchi pandey -  Posted: 2010/10/31

law Commercial matter under Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996: is an Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to domestic arbitration, international commercial arbitration and enforcement......By Abhijith Krishnan -  Posted: 2010/10/26

law Merging a company: A business grows over time as the utility of its products and services are recognized. It also grows through an inorganic process.....By shuchi pandey -  Posted: 2010/10/26

law Legal Aspects of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy: The Bhopal gas tragedy is, till date, the world’s worst industrial disaster. It occurred in December of 1984 at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh......By Deepika Kumar -  Posted: 2010/10/26

law Human Rights Violation: Human rights violation have become very common now-a-days. The Newspapers and T.V. tell us that every day and at every moment, somewhat in the world......By Deepesh Mittal -  Posted: 2010/10/21

law Right to Information: India is a democratic country. The head of the country is elected by the people of the country. The Government of the country possesses the authority to work......By Deepesh Mittal -  Posted: 2010/10/21

law Historical Perspective of Terrorism & Cyber Terrorism: Terrorism is an organized system of intimidation. It is broadly defined as violent behavior designed to generate fear in the community......By shobhna -  Posted: 2010/10/21

law Sources of Hindu Law: The phrase source of law has several connotations. It may be the authority which issues rules of conduct which are recognized by Courts as binding. In this context, ‘source of law’.......By Debanshu Khettry -  Posted: 2010/9/21

law Financial Markets: Whenever we think about markets, a picture that flashes across our minds is of a place which is very busy, with buyers and sellers, some sellers, shouting at the top of their voice........By Kawaljit Singh Bhatia -  Posted: 2010/9/21

law Reconstruction & Amalgamation: The company wished to avoid being wound up and negotiated a scheme in which the existing shareholdings in the company would be transferred to a new company.......By Nishant Arora -  Posted: 2010/9/21

law Post-Termination non-compete clauses in employment contracts: Employees Confidential Information & other Rights V/s Right to Freedom of trade and Profession of Individual.........By Rashmi Jajoria -  Posted: 2010/9/21

law Cyber Crime - Issues Threats & Management: Managing Cyber crime to Cyber warfare’ the author commence his 1st chapter ‘Nature and Consequences of Cyber Crime’ by explaining about what is crime.........By Nikhil Borana -  Posted: 2010/9/15

law Void & Voidable Agreements: The law relating to contracts in India is governed by The Indian Contract Act , 1872. However the Contract Act does not purport to codify the entire law relating........By Rashmi Jajoria -  Posted: 2010/9/15

law Constitutional Validity Of Marriage Laws Amendment Bill-2010: With the changing times, notions of fairness and justice assume newer and wider dimensions and customs and beliefs of the people........By Anooja Srivastava -  Posted: 2010/9/15

law Law And Democracy: The evolution of the individual as the ultimate measure of things is a universally accepted standard of democratic society........By Dr Prem Nath -  Posted: 2010/9/12

law Trade Mark Law in India & Its Violation: A trademark or trade mark is one of the elements of Intellectual Property Right and is represented by the symbol TM or ® or mark is a distinctive sign or indicator........By Amit Kumar  -  Posted: 2010/9/12

law Registration of Unconventional Trademarks: trade mark may be a word signature, name, device, label, numerals or combination of colours used by an undertaking, on goods or services or other articles........By Amit Kumar  -  Posted: 2010/9/12

law Basic Structure of Constitution - Myth or Reality: This Article deals with question that whether the doctrine of Basic Structure is a myth created by hon'ble Supreme Court or a reality........By Surya Bhan Singh BillawriaPosted: 2010/9/12

law Legal Education: Globalization of the legal profession has introduced a sea change in the entire fabric of law teaching and legal profession in India........By

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